Wednesday 27 August 2008

First HDR's

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is the process of taking several images at different shutter speeds and combining them into a single photo that contains no washed out or underexposed areas. The result can be surreal, an almost too perfectly lit photograph that contains a high level of detail throughout the image.

These are my first try's... Practice practice...

The first one is a made from 5 different combined raw files, while the second is done using one raw file at different exposers and then combined. How did I do?

If your interested, here are a few examples of HDR done well and you can see the varying results that can be achieved. CLick


Aoluain said...

Hi Dee,

I especially like the inside of the church. it is nicely exposed and not too much HDR'd.
the heli is ok but what really annoys me about hdr is the way it produces a halo around certain things.


Mr Canadian Guy said...

Hey Dee,

I also like the Church but I might (maybe it wouldn't work in this case) try to leave a little more shadows to give it some depth.