Wednesday 6 February 2008

Old days

Thinking of putting together a little clip of old photos of me growing up. Just an idea a friend gave me to add to my bio page on my website. I've seen this done on another photographers site and I think it adds a nice personal touch. I searched through the biscuit tin's of old photographs at home and brought a handful back with me. looking at them now, It's obvious I was not the glamorous kid. Anyway... bring on the laughter. This is me, a rather large baby who my mother rarely found the impulse to take a photo of. In fairness she had her hands full, with only a year and a half between me and the eldest boy and then my wee sister coming along a mer year and a week after me. What!? So I enjoyed my food :P


hewsan said...

Look at how the Ugly Duckling turned into the beautiful Swan!! :-)
Love your blog.

Your Cuz

jeebers said...

haha.. weren't so much of a poser in front of the camera then.