Tuesday 12 February 2008

New Zealand Pacific Salsa Congress

Last year I attended the best event probably of my entire life. The NZ Pacific Salsa congress. It was the first of it's kind in NZ. And although I was mainly there to soak up the atmosphere, be entertained and dance till me feet fell off, I couldn't resist taking a million photos. I never go anywhere without my camera it's become an extension of my arm. Well, now it's 2008, they are following it up with another congress, bound to be heaps of fun and with many more performers and teachers than before. I'm gutted I won't make it, as I'm in Ireland now, but I've been watching there site for updates all the same. I noticed they didn't have any photos of the event on the site, so I offered mine. They are located on my website but they've added a link to it from the official congress website http://www.nzpacificsalsacongress.co.nz. This years event is taking place from 21st to 23rd March. I'm busy still editing and adding photos to my site. Above is my boyfriends favorite shot of the event.

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