Tuesday 29 January 2008

Print colours V's Screen colours

Recently I bought a new Laptop, good quality with the right spec at a price to suit my budget.
Unfortunately I missed one system setting that's cost me. Delighted with my new hardware, I zoomed ahead catching up on all my image editing, sending them off to print with a sigh of relief. They arrived yesterday. I quickly opened the parcels, only to discover all my portraits had been tangoed! What, why is everyones skin orange? I checked the images against the soft copy on my laptop, but they were fine, perfect skin tone there. It seems, the screen colour settings were drastically different to that of the printers. Just change the screen colour, right. Not so easy. I've tried changing the settings and can't really see an difference. I may need to read the manual. So instead of Pic1(on screen) I got Pic2(printed)

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