Friday 25 January 2008

"Never work with animals or children"... they say. I wasn't convinced. I like kids, and animals. The Children turned out to be loads of fun, and with a little patience were absolute angels. The animals I'll admit I was a bit unsure of. I took a trip down to Carlow for a few days to get some shots of my cousins' pets for a Calendar. But, once I got started I found them to be great. Every one having it's own personality and after some time and many bribes, managed to get 12 good ones each with it's own uniqueness. This is our October, his name is Levi... such a cutie!


MONROY said...

Greats pictures!!

Eucharisto said...

Hi Dee, saw this picture, and thought it was great, very nice composition. Must be quite a precocious horse!

Just one photo blogger shout out to another. I am an amateur photographer/photo blogger (I'd love to try my hand at it professionally someday if I ever get time), and really liked your work. Anyway, hope you don't mind a stranger leaving a comment!