Thursday 14 April 2011

Hello, I'm still here ;)

I'm at home editing again today. I spend most weekdays like this. Although I get distracted easily enough during the day, the evenings and night are my most productive. Don't ask me why I seem to be on a different clock to the rest of the country. 

Techie bit...
When it comes to editing an event, family portrait, fashion shoot or wedding I find myself with hundreds of images to go through. The best tool for working on this amount of images is either Adobe Lightroom or Aperture. I started using Lightroom about two years ago and am still finding new things it can do. It gives me much of the same capabilities that Photoshop does, but lets me do it to lots of images at the same time. Photoshop is still an essential tool, but more for detailed editing and I limit the amount of images that need this. I've also used Aperture whenever I'm using a Mac and it's equally as good.

Today, I took a mini break from wedding edits to go through the pictures from my Birthday. It was in February! So the task is long over due. I didn't do much with them really just cull out the bad ones a few brightens, crops, tweaks and done! It was fantastic day. I planned a day out of the city with family and friends in great place in the Wicklow Mountains. It's called Kippure Adventure Centre on the Kippure Estate. I did  a bit of photography for them and was looking for any excuse to go back and hang out on the mountain. The day was pretty full, we met at 2pm, sorted out who was sleeping where and hit the high ropes straight away. Our guide mixed us up and made three teams, this was great because I have friends from different aspects of my life and they got a chance to get to know each other and my family too. A few hours of wall climbing, leaps of faith and low rope manoeuvring with lots of team support, jitters, shivers and giggles and we were well worn out. Back to the house for hot showers and tea, then popped a bottle of champers and the shenanigans really kicked off. And we all wore hats! Just for fun, we all brought a random hat to wear for the night. I was hoping to try all of them on, but somehow got distracted about a 1/4 of the way round, think it must have been the pyramid of gorgeous cupcakes that my brother brought in after dinner. They were soo Yummy! After cupcakes we cleared the floor, turned up the tunes and I think I quite literally danced the night away. Thank you soo much to everyone who came to celebrate my big 30! Eeek, I'm old! Ah well life goes on, time to embrace the wrinkles  ;)

I love you all so much. xxx
Dee :) 


PS... Aunty Mary you are the bravest lady ever! Joey you did it! woohoo! Excellent cakes selecting Arlene and Derek. Thanks Trisha, Dave and mum for the coolest birthday card I've ever seen. Shona and Vicki for teaching everyone a bit of salsa. Niamh, for making it there! My dad and family for getting my car back on the road and everyone else, including those who couldn't make it, that made it the best Birthday week ever! Thank you. X

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