Thursday 1 July 2010


I'd imagine getting married today is not all that different to a generation or two ago. Yes, our lifestyles have certainly changed, with our technological boom and women working alongside men in every industry to montessories and gyms...whole industries that we never even had a use for before. But, put two people together that want to make a commitment to each other and celebrate that with their family and friends and it's essentially the same. In Galway for example, there's this tradition of lighting bonfires on the road side to wish the couple well as they pass in the bridal the past they may have travelled by horse and carriage. The mode of transport may have changed but the wishes and community participation is the same. There were at least ten of these on a small stretch of road in Ahascragh just last week. The bride still wears white (usually, or a version of it at least), often a vale, and many more old traditions live on... something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... Some substitutions have been made of course, plates of cupcakes instead of a cake, throw a fake bouquet to save the real one, swapping high heals for flip flops half way through the night to save the tootsies and do a performance for your guests instead of the intimate first dance. I love the naming of tables with themes or some place or thing that tells part of the couples storey with the people who sit at them. Many thanks to all the Brides and Grooms who've allowed me to be a part of and capture the special moments of their day this year so far and the ones to come. May all your weddings, be you bride, groom or guest be full of old and new traditions that bring much joy and cherished memories.

PS, don't forget the camera for the memories bit ;)

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