Friday 20 March 2009

The madness of moving

Appologies for the lack of updates here lately. Moving to the big smoke has taken up all my time and the chaos of the past 3 weeks has finally caught up with me in the form of the flu. yeah! I'm still living out of a bag, but thankfully the couch surfing has come to an end and I have a room to call mine at least for a time.
I'm pleased to say I am the newest member of the Picture House Photography team. Located in Rathmines in South Dublin, we have a class new studio and we also do home family portraits. It's a fast paced growing business and tons of fun. I'm loving being back in Dublin too, being able to go for a walk and meet a friend in a cafe on a whim is a big change from country living.
All this, and I managed to make it away to Budapest for a weekend break. :) I'll get something from that trip up soon.

Meanwhile here's one from my last shoot in Galway with Samantha and Patrick, two of the best Salsa dancers in the city.
Hope you all had a great St Patricks day. Lovely to see the sun shining again for it.

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David Irwin said...

Hi Dee - very best of luck in the big smoke ! Thanks for stopping by my site recently. Now that I know your here I will be coming back to check for all of your updates.

Take care,