Friday 9 January 2009

What would you do?

Work for free?!
I've been following the strobist blog for some time now, but this article somehow got by me and I just noticed it today while browsing there posts. You need to read the full article and you'll see the concept can be applied to many professions, not just photography.
It has really got me thinking though. I have done plenty of work for free, probably too much at this stage some might say, but not like this. And as I've been thinking of starting a personal photography project this year, this has given me lots of ideas on what to do it on.
How great would it be to get enough practice doing animal portraits to perfect your style while building your portfolio and helping a shelter find homes for tons of animals! All for the sake of mutual benefit, without the constraints put on your creativity of a paid job.

It's basically about going after your goals by offering your services to do the work for free(initially). I'm going to have a think about this and put a plan into action. Any ideas? What would you do?

"Four reasons to consider working for free" by


Joel Todd said...

Hey Dee, I also read that post (twice) and your idea is a good one. If you are going to specialize in something you better love it.... to death. For me right now I am in to every kind of photography and maybe focusing more on one or two avenue's is what I need for the next step. It can be a temporary change in the long run. I could see myself doing something like you suggest but I guess I haven't found the subject for it yet. If you decide that is what you want... go for it with all you have.

Unknown said...

Well. I did 4 weddings for free and loads of portraits.

Dee Organ said...

I think the idea is that you do it for people in a charity or some club where they wouldn't be able to afford a professional photographer. This way you get the experience doing something you love while they get the images for promotional use etc. I don't necessarily agree with doing professional portraits and wedding if that means your taking the job from a full time professional who depends on it to put food on the table and pa the bills. It's obviously a grey area though.