Friday 16 January 2009

Surfing in Sligo

A daring activity in the West of Ireland, surfing has become very popular in the last few years. I feel cold just looking at them, although it was fairly cold standing around taking pictures too. The worst thing is in cold weather you can't wear a glove on your trigger hand, so by the time you get back to the car and blast the heater they've turned purple and verging on frostbite. I had the privilege of the use of a friends' canon 70-200 IS lens for a bit and took full advantage of the chance. Thanks Austin! Anyway it was lots of fun and great to so many people out surfing right here on our door step. Certainly never thought I'd ever see it here, back when I used to watch Sam catching a wave on Home and Away!


Joel Todd said...

I really like the atmosphere of the last one especially. Nice one. Looks like a great time for photography.Cheers

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting nominated for the Irish blog award and I wish you the very best of luck.
Our Blog got nominated in the 'Best Specialist' category and we are keeping our fingers crossed :)


Dee Organ said...

Wooooooo! I've been nominated?! that's sooo great, I'm competely speachless. Thank you for your well wishes :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,

Yep it sure was cold out there!

Nice pics.

Congratulations on the nomination.