Monday 10 November 2008

Yeats Tower & Coole Park

Above taken in Coole Park not far from Thoor Ballylee, home of William Butler Yeats, below. The tower had to be restored before Yeats could live there in 1919 with his wife and daughter. Yeats mentions Ballylee in a letter to Maud Gonne in May 1918

' We hope to be in Ballylee in a month and there I dream of making a house that may encourage people to avoid ugly manufactured things - an ideal poor man's house. Except a very few things imported as models we should get all made in Galway or Limerick. I am told that our neighbours are pleased that we are not getting 'grand things but old Irish furniture

After the Yeats family moved out in 1929 it fell into disuse , but was restored as 'Yeats Tower' in 1965 and fitted out as a Yeats museum.

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