Friday 25 April 2008

Like a doll

Model: Sara Carrick
Make up: Tina Newman
Photographer : Me

For my latest fashion shoot I took inspiration from other photographers online. Originally I thought copying someone elses idea would make my life easier and take some of the planning pressure off, but it's actually quite difficult. I had some technical trouble with my lighting, so made the most of what was around me(hence the previous post with the silver lamp reflection), thanks Tina for the use of your livingroom light. Fashion photography is a tough game. Planning is soo important and you need all aspects to come together perfectly to get the desired result. The model, make up, hair clothing and accessories as well as lighting and background can all make or break the shoot. Many of these didn't go according to plan, so plans change. These shoots always seem to go on longer than expected also. Give yourself the whole day for one of these. I needed to make a mad dash to get home and change to make it out to a gig that night. Great gig too, Ro Tierney in Crawdaddy, brought the house down ;)
Sara was a great model and had heaps of patience and Tina consistently gives stuning results with the Make up. Looking forward to working with them both again soon.

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jeebers said...

very cool shots dee. keep it up.