Sunday 23 March 2008

On location

Yesterday I had a great outdoor shoot with the very lovely aspiring model, Sam. Brave girl to withstand the freezing cold temperatures of this green Isle in scant clothing, all in the name of art. Being a bit experimental and trying to hone in some camera skills I came out with some interesting results. Number one, I've learned how important it is to prepare. I did, this time, and found it to make a big difference. Secondly, time passes very very quickly when shooting, before you know it you've lost all your daylight and it's all over. My big mistake was trying to include two different locations and styles into the one day. That is, when you start make up at 3:30, anyway. The team included Tina the make-up artist, our model Sam, wearing her own clothes and myself. The Addison Lodge kindly provided some space for costume changes and makeup. Initially I chose a Cemetery for the shoot, but after hearing it was beside the Botanic Gardens, it would be a shame not to take advantage. We started here, and this is where time became an issue, as we only left when we were kicked out at closing time. That left very little daylight for the cemetery shots I had planned for. Anyway, here's two shots from the day, hope you like.

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Austin said...

Hi Dee,

The first photo in the 'On location" is one of the best portrait photos I'v ever seen, I just love it and as the saying goes its "I wish i had of taken it" photos.
Nice one